A New Definition of the Ideal


In Derick Bailey’s brilliant book “Improvisation“, there’s an interview with one of my favorite musicians, Evan Parker. They are discussing composition vs improvisation, and at the end Evan says:

‘My ideal music is played by groups of musicians who choose one another’s company, and who improvise freely in relation to the precise emotional, acoustic, psychological and other less tangible atmospheric conditions in effect at the time the music is played.’ 

After a session with new co-conspirators last weekend, that struck me as the way to go about it.

36 or so …

I was thinkin’  ’bout the past…

A friend of mine posted about playing a gig in Vancouver on this day in 1980, and it jarred me into remembering being in a Silver Eagle tour bus with a band I started, cruising to Seattle, right past Mt St Helena. There it is, what is it? I was oblivious.



Back At It


I have been debating whether or not to resume posting/blogging for a long time. Facebook had taken over as my way to communicate, and for most people that works fine. And most of the time for me too.

But when I want to dig in a bit deeper, or link to music I write and care about, I need to have more space.  I can’t take the Google ads on FB either, nor the people who believe in fairy tales, and not the good ones either.  I won’t be leaving FB, but I really have missed writing and posting music and not getting entangled with the day to day of Zuch world.

Therefore, a fresh start. I started johnpazdan.com a long time ago (at least in internet time, i.e. ten years). A lot of my posts from then are naive, especially getting caught up in the Big Lie of Obama. Now we are caught up again in the charade of who gets selected to run this downtrodden nation. I have been for Sanders, and will follow to the Grand Selection in Philly. But I do not support the neoliberal giant squid that has become the Democratic party since 1980. And I will not vote for Clinton to continue the status quo that has destroyed lives and put serious doubt on the future. Trump either.

(Just to mention, previous posts and comments from the Days of Yore have been safely sealed in an air tight vault and lowered to the bottom of Lake Michigan. I still have them, and reserve the right to drag them to the surface, but for now we will let them rest in peace. Having said that, there’s a lot of good stuff on Hillary running in 2008 and why you shouldn’t vote for her. Some things don’t change.)

Here we go again then sports fans, onwards and downwards.